Willl adding additional AmpliFi HD mesh points degrade performance ?

  • I have a Ubiquiti AmpliFi router & three AmpliFi HD (High Density) mesh points, with which I am very satisfied.

    To achieve 100% high quality coverage in my 400 year old house, and my office (in the garden), I need to add one or more probably two more AmpliFi mesh points.

    I was about to place an order, but am now procrastinating as it has been suggested that each additional mesh point which I add will degrade the overall performance.

    Is this really so?

    In which case what are my options; cabling would effectively be impossible because of the age of the property.

    Insofar as providing wifi to my office in the garden is concerned is there an option of an external mesh point which would be "weather proof" & compatible with the AmpliFi kit- advice please?

  • This really doesn't take matters much further but the person who originally raised this issue, who is not a professional or even an AmpliFi user has expanded what he originally stated by adding that "each additional mesh point degrades performance by about 15%, and that one might be better adding additional AmpliFi routers, rather than mesh points"

    I have no information as to whether this is correct, and if so how to do it.

    I also raised this issue with "Ubiquiti Support" (support@ubnt.com), but other than an acknowledgement I have heard nothing from them.

  • @nigel-steward Some customers have more than 10 meshpoints. If you need one to improve network coverage, get one. Overall network performance depends on fortunate meshpoint placement more than their count.

    Currently we don't have any special weather proof outdoor meshpoint in Amplifi family. Customers who want to reach additional buildings such as guest houses usually use Amplifi router in meshpoint mode (can be selected in Amplifi app). It has powerful antenna with very long operational range.

  • @dmitrijs-ivanovs

    Thank-you Dmitrijs.

    Can you point me to guidance on how to set up an additional Amplifi router in meshpoint mode please?


  • This should help.


  • @nigel-steward The article that @Tim-Sparling-0 shared is great! The additional router is added just like a normal mesh point, just plug the new router in (preferably next to the router for initial setup), then the LCD screen will prompt to add new mesh point or launch the app where it will prompt to add to mesh there as well.

  • Thank-you Tim & Brett

    I hear a suggestion that there might be a revised Amplifi router available in the next few weeks - any ideas about what it will offer please?


  • @nigel-steward We cannot disclose any information about upcoming products, but we'll keep you updated when those details are released!

  • @ubnt-brett

    Confirm or deny right this instant! Haha

  • @ubnt-brett

    "I hear a suggestion that there might be a revised Amplifi router available in the next few weeks - any ideas about what it will offer please?"

    Well at least I was right !

    Thanks Brett & MichaelE


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