Different subnets on home network

  • Connecting 2 networks.

    Hi all. I have 2 Amplifi Mesh routers. One connected to my ISP modem being used for Wi-Fi and the second down the other end of the house, connected via ethernet as an access point. Amazing devices, never need a reboot. Great, fast, stable Wi-Fi. I love these things.

    The ISP modem is doing DHCP for everything connected via ethernet on subnet 192.168.0.X while the Amplifi is handing out DHCP for Wi-Fi devices on subnet 192.168.11.X

    Thing is, devices on ethernet can't always see devices on the Wi-Fi. One example is Chrome Cast HDMI unit plugged into my TV. This connects via Wi-Fi. I can't cast to it from my desktop computer as that's on ethernet.

    Is there an easy way to resolve this? Should I disable DHCP on the ISP modem and let Amplifi do it (I assume that devices would see the Amplifi DHCP service regardless of connection type?) or can I put a static route on my PC to allow it to see devices such as the Chrome Cast on the Wi-Fi subnet?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Personally I would let the Amplifi do the DHCP for everything and if you feel you need static IP for certain devices then these can be set via the Amplifi app on your phone.

  • The recommended way is to disable NAT + DHCP on your modem.

    If you cannot do this, you can put Amplifi to bridge mode. In this case, your modem will be responsible for all NAT + DHCP work.

  • Thanks. The second unit is in 'backbone' mode, so that the first is the master device. I tried bridge mode once before but from memory, I had issues. I'll try it again 😃

  • Bridge mode also loses all the profiles & schedules I have set up. So that's probably not an option for me. Ta anyway.

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