How do I force one meshpoint to connect to the other?

  • Just got my Amplifi setup and i love it! Best networking device I ever had.

    At the initial setup my outermost mesh point connected to another mesh point in the middle which then again connected to the router. This worked like a charm and I measured over 100mbps throughput. T(he setup needs to be like this as my cable enters the house at the living room furthest away from mesh point number 2.)
    However, the mesh point keeps connecting directly to the router over a poor connection that gives poor performance in my office.

    How do I force the mesh point to only connect to the other mesh point and not the router?


  • Hello my friend!
    Did you find any solution yet?
    I'm interested in this type of configuration too.

  • I also experience the same problem.

    I am using 3 Amplifi mesh routers installed in 3 different floors, two of which operate in mesh node mode.

    Floor 1: Router
    Floor 2: Node
    Floor 3: Node

    The problem is that the node in floor 3 randomly decides to establish a 4% quality connection to the router in floor 1 instead of a 68% connection to the node in floor 2. I usually end up wondering why the network is so slow, going to the app and seeing the wrong layout and trying to fix it either by restarting the affected node or changing the backhaul band twice, which usually does the trick. Still this is not acceptable behaviour.

  • @Konstantinos-Bessas how do you know who is connecting where?

  • From the landing page in the application you can always see the current layout of the network


    If you check each device you can also see to which node each endpoint device is connected to.

    But I think this is out of context for this thread :)!

  • few days ago I said.....:

    Hi, I want select structure conexión between every WiFi points like.....
    1- principal
    2- access point 1
    3- access point 2

    I want select 3 connect to 2(always) and 2 to 1 , not 3 to 1 and 2 to 1.
    Sometimes fail access 2,and 3 connect to 1 with poor conexion and not return to connect with 2.

    when I bought amplifi, I am thinking you can do it because is very important por net mesh.........

  • To be precise, I would rather not see static connections.

    But the mesh network should swiftly reorganise itself for optimal single hop connections, when there are available.

    To the contrary, the network tends to reorganise itself in a rather poor fashion and stay like this for an indefinite amount of time.

  • Just stopping by to say I am having the same experience. Initially, the most distant mesh point was connected to a closer mesh point, with a very strong connection. It then switched and now connects weakly to the router, and I can see no way to force it to connect to the closer mesh point again.

  • I am also having the same issue. Has anyone figured out how to get the mesh point to talk directly to another mesh point and not the router? It won't select it any more and only has 2 bars connected to the router but had full bars when connected to the other mesh point but now it won't reconnect to the other mesh point.

  • Has anyone figured this out?

    I'd be interested in the same thing but instead of one AP connecting through a Meshpoint HD, I'd like to force an AP to connect directly to an AF-R (using ethernet backhaul). Keeping the fully meshed network instead of having two individual routers with different SSIDs.

  • +1

    Same issue for me!

  • I am thinking about a system for my customer but after reading the above comments, sounds like the outer mesh will not always connect to the closer mesh but connect in some cases to the router. Unfortunately my customers home is not ideal, router needs to be located where the main cable comes in

  • Hi all! The current algorithm has a strong preference for the router. We're planning to change that to the strongest available signal instead.

    @Toby-Manuel: We already support wired backhaul mesh with two AFi-R. They will have the same SSID, and you'll have seamless roaming between the two if your phone supports it.

  • Thanks @UBNT-Gunars! What is the ETA for the firmware update that brings this change? This is a major paint point for me. Some additional visibility on the timing would be appreciated. Best, Kevin

  • @kevin-barmish I think sometime in February. We're doing changes to the SSID mechanism first, which will give you control over where clients are connecting. Thinking of it, maybe we should just add manual uplink selection for mesh points.

  • @ubnt-gunars This would be an amazingly welcome feature.

  • @ubnt-gunars Thank you!!!

  • @ubnt-gunars I also have this problem. I would love to have the possibility to be able to control the uplink for the mesh points - e.g. choose between the strongest signal (could be other meshpoint) or prefer router.

  • @klaus-grønhøj Hi Klaus! Yes, this has been on our radar for a while. Currently you have to trick the mesh points to connect to each other.

  • all is same. there are not solution for this problem today.
    i want possibility to select manually with what meshpoint connect........

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