How do I force one meshpoint to connect to the other?

  • @Timofey-K Can you generate support files for us to review when the mesh point is connecting to the router, not the closer mesh point? I would like to see if we can identify why in your environment the mesh point is making the incorrect decision when it comes to connection.

  • @UI-Brett
    I collected 3 logs:

    1. Perfect connection via multi-hop (forced with a pan lid)
    2. After mesh point reboot and automatic direct connection
    3. After multiple reboots and eventually successfull multi-hop link (took 3 or 4 reboots, very frustrating)

    How do I send them to you keeping this topic context?

  • @Timofey-K I have received them, and will update this thread once I have more information. Thank you

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