How do I force one meshpoint to connect to the other?

  • @Timofey-K Can you generate support files for us to review when the mesh point is connecting to the router, not the closer mesh point? I would like to see if we can identify why in your environment the mesh point is making the incorrect decision when it comes to connection.

  • @UI-Brett
    I collected 3 logs:

    1. Perfect connection via multi-hop (forced with a pan lid)
    2. After mesh point reboot and automatic direct connection
    3. After multiple reboots and eventually successfull multi-hop link (took 3 or 4 reboots, very frustrating)

    How do I send them to you keeping this topic context?

  • @Timofey-K I have received them, and will update this thread once I have more information. Thank you

  • Wanted to follow up on this. Engineering looked at my logs and found my environment to be noisy (do other environments actually exist other than in a lab?) but that does not explain why the system prefers weaker link. In a noisy environment I’d expect it to stick to stronger signal. Suggestion to use 5MHz band for that mesh point expected didn’t work because this frequency can’t pierce through the concrete slab

    Since then I realised that after one of the recent updates I can’t reliably force my basement mesh point to connect via multi hop using a metal shield during restart. 9 times out of 10 it will still connect to the router with signal -63 dBm at best (that is between “good” and “too far“). One time it connected to the other mesh point the signal was Perfect and the throughput was 3 times higher than direct connection

    And insanely enough - more than once the middle mesh point preferred connection to the basement point instead of the router: means it preferred good 2.4 multi hop (to the mesh with poor direct connection) link to a good 5.0 direct link. The speeds were obviously awful

    Please give us options for manual override

  • Amplifi need to listen to their customers. Regardless of the signal/throughput algorithm, customers should be able to manually override and configure the topology of their network however they want. I'm sure 95% of the time the default setup as determined by the algorithm is absolutely fine but there will always be cases where the user needs something slightly different (for whatever reason) and the system itself should not hinder this. Repeatedly saying 'move your router' isn't a proper solution as that's not always possible. Instead, just add it to the app as an option, enable users to make their own choices and keep everyone happy with your otherwise great products.

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