How do I force one meshpoint to connect to the other?

  • @Timofey-K Can you generate support files for us to review when the mesh point is connecting to the router, not the closer mesh point? I would like to see if we can identify why in your environment the mesh point is making the incorrect decision when it comes to connection.

  • @UI-Brett
    I collected 3 logs:

    1. Perfect connection via multi-hop (forced with a pan lid)
    2. After mesh point reboot and automatic direct connection
    3. After multiple reboots and eventually successfull multi-hop link (took 3 or 4 reboots, very frustrating)

    How do I send them to you keeping this topic context?

  • @Timofey-K I have received them, and will update this thread once I have more information. Thank you

  • Wanted to follow up on this. Engineering looked at my logs and found my environment to be noisy (do other environments actually exist other than in a lab?) but that does not explain why the system prefers weaker link. In a noisy environment I’d expect it to stick to stronger signal. Suggestion to use 5MHz band for that mesh point expected didn’t work because this frequency can’t pierce through the concrete slab

    Since then I realised that after one of the recent updates I can’t reliably force my basement mesh point to connect via multi hop using a metal shield during restart. 9 times out of 10 it will still connect to the router with signal -63 dBm at best (that is between “good” and “too far“). One time it connected to the other mesh point the signal was Perfect and the throughput was 3 times higher than direct connection

    And insanely enough - more than once the middle mesh point preferred connection to the basement point instead of the router: means it preferred good 2.4 multi hop (to the mesh with poor direct connection) link to a good 5.0 direct link. The speeds were obviously awful

    Please give us options for manual override

  • Amplifi need to listen to their customers. Regardless of the signal/throughput algorithm, customers should be able to manually override and configure the topology of their network however they want. I'm sure 95% of the time the default setup as determined by the algorithm is absolutely fine but there will always be cases where the user needs something slightly different (for whatever reason) and the system itself should not hinder this. Repeatedly saying 'move your router' isn't a proper solution as that's not always possible. Instead, just add it to the app as an option, enable users to make their own choices and keep everyone happy with your otherwise great products.

  • I would like to second the comments by Peter Shaw with regard to responding to customer input. I have a similar situation as described herein whereby it is clear that a mesh point to mesh point connection provides superior connectivity vs. mesh point to router connection. When I updated recently to 3.4.2, the system connected both mesh points to the router even though there was a very very bad connection (in terms of both connection quality and connection speed) between the furthest mesh point and the HD router. When I rebooted the distant mesh point, it finally went back to the fastest connection (i.e., mesh point to mesh point connection). It's unclear why the network topology can't be controlled by the user since we are uniquely positioned to know what will likely work best in our locales. Please include an override option in future updates. Thanks.

  • @Kalimon Thanks for the input, I will add your vote for this feature request.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Just to add my voice to this. I'm incredibly frustrated that I spent so much money on this kit and I can't configure it the way I need it to work. The algorithm just doesn't function correctly. If I reboot my mesh points in order then at some stage I end up with correct daisy-chain configuration and I'm suddenly able to get up to 60-70Mbps in my furthermost room (which is where I work, every day). It'll soon trip back to connecting direct to the router however, and I'm back down to 10-20Mbps. It's simply not usable in this configuration. There are no microwaves in-between, everything is static.

    I don't understand the logic in the "we know best" approach in this instance. You cannot field test every single house. You cannot ask customers to move their router when many of us only have a single location that they can go. Surely it would be best to leave the algorithm to decide for 90% of your customers, but then give the rest of us with issues at least the chance to overrride it and set up the network to suit our own needs?

    Just checked my connection again, 15Mbps. Brilliant. Two hours ago when it was correctly in daisy chain, it was 70Mbps. Please give us the choice.

  • @Manny-Brown Thanks for the input, I will add your vote for this feature request.

  • @UI-AmpliFi my second mesh point was connecting to the first mesh point every time. Upgraded to 3.4.2 it now never connects to the other mesh instead it connects to the router which is too far away. Please can we have an option to force a mesh point to connect to another mesh point of our choice.

  • Would have purchased an AmpliFi Mesh Wifi system kit if the algorithm for this worked or at least there was a manual override but now am going to have to look elsewhere as chaining them together is the main feature I need.

  • @UI-AmpliFi I also have same problem. After getting multi hop daisy chain working, it’s been awesome for past 4 weeks. Today I had to do some work on house and turning power off. They will now not go back to the last daisy chain multi hop configuration before powering off. Will try and force this later today but it would be great if I could override the auto config with manual config to tell mesh point b to connect to mesh point a. (Mine is a gamers edition) Any advice to get my multi hop back please? Great kit though and works brilliant 👍

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