Amplifi Instant and compatibility with Verizon Fios?

  • My father's fios internet comes through a normal coax cable, as most fios installs do. How can this configuration be used with the Amplifi Instant router? I see 2 options

    1. call Verizon and have them change the internet wan from coax to Ethernet cable(id like to avoid this).
    2. use the existing Verizon box (router+switch+wifi), turn off the WiFi, and plug the Amplifi into a switch port. That way the Verizon box does router and switch duty, amplifi does WiFi

    I'm really not familiar with mesh systems so don't know if 2) is feasible or will take a big performance hit

  • @david-rifkin Option 2 is the route you need to go. AmpliFi does not work as a modem, so having a modem or modem/router combo from Verizon and placing either that device or AmpliFi into bridge mode is needed.

  • @ubnt-brett This is not totally correct .. the HD works fine with FIOS, straight from the ONT as a router. You are correct that the Instant isn't a "modem" but FIOS doesn't have a modem like cable. The ONT handles that, and everyone who has FIOS has an ONT. I assume the Instant works the same way.

    I haven't used my FIOS router/gateway in over a year since they started supporting this. As a side note all consumer routers will work. I used an Airport Extreme the same way before getting my HD.

    So yes the "right" way to do it is option one, or you can use a Moca Adapter (maybe - I've never done this myself)

    Number 2 will also work but then you're paying full price for the router to run it in bridge mode .. that's your call.

  • @david-rifkin The coax will work as long as you're pulling 100mb and under. According to FIOS, anything over that needs to be switched to ONT via ethernet.

    Either way, what you're going to do as I have, is log into your fios MoCa router settings. the user name and password should be on the router. once logged in, turn off the wifi and select bridge mode. Then ethernet from the FIOS LAN to the Amplifi WAN. Power off then on the FIOS router, in addition to the amplifi. you should be good to go.

  • @gregory-coan-0
    Its also important to note that if you have TV service through FIOS then the Gateway router would need to be left in place. It provides over the air updates and communicates info to the set-top-boxes via coax, like the guide, widgets and On demand.

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