Mesh Point Overkill in Small Home?

  • Hello friends. So as I stated earlier in another post, I’m an AMPLIFI HD user who tried out the Netgear Orbi two system which although gave me great full speeds averaging 156/160 on Verizon FIOS, the Orbi has nothing but random, unexplained WiFi drop outs and was completely unstable regardless of firmware updates and troubleshooting. So, back to the AMPLIFI where the connection has been nothing short of rock solid.

    However my concern is, using the AMPLIFI router and one mesh point, in the same room as the router, I get full speed. Near the mesh point (at 100% signal), I get around 60-85 mbps.

    -Is this normal?
    -Should it be almost cut in half with using only one mesh point?
    -Will adding another mesh point increase or further decrease my speed?
    -For the size of my home, should I be using just the mesh router?
    -will I ever get full speed as in the Orbi or no, due to the Orbi being a tri-band system?

    Range however is unbeatable and a non issue. Somethings to consider:

    -rectangular ranch style home single floor with basement. Approx 1300 square feet.
    -Verizon FIOS, Ethernet from ONT to Actiontec router to AMPLIFI HD.
    -Close to 40 devices including smart devices, Alexa’s, PS4, smart TVs, firestick, etc.
    -router must be on one end of the home on first floor where Ethernet comes in. Mesh point is on same floor, opposite side of the home.

    Thank you in advance for your advice and input.

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