Some devices keep getting kicked off amplifi wifi.

  • I have two devices on my wi-fi network that keep getting kicked out of service. they are a Bond Home Ceiling fan controller and the other device is the Bryant Evolution thermostat. Rebooting the router gets them reconnected for a few day and them ...pooff, are disconnected again. Any suggestions? FYI.,no problems with anything else (phones, desktops, laptops, etc.)

  • I had the same issue with Tend security cameras. At that time is was using channel 3 (2.4 ghz). Changing to a different 2.4 gig channel resolved my issue with them.

  • Having Router steering selected used to upset the wife's Ipad and Iphone. Could that be the issue maybe?

  • @kevin-schramm was the amplifi replacing another router with the devices already paired with the original router? If so, try resetting the two devices then setting them back up with the Amplifi. I had to do that with a couple devices when testing out different mesh routers, finallyh settling on the Amplifi.

  • @kevin-schramm All of the provided answers could be solutions to your problem. Another option to piggy back on @William-James answer would be to use the application to create a separate SSID that is 2.4GHz only. Most devices like you described only use a 2.4 GHz network card and connect to an independent 2.4 band best.

  • Thanks for the recommendations. As instructed, I have successfully set up a new SSID using just the 2.4 band. Was able to reconnect to both the Bond and the Thermostat. Now I will wait and see if they stay connected. The thing I can't figure out is... Why is it just recently that these 2.4 devices were getting kicked off? I have had everything setup for a while (maybe 8 months or so) and it wasn't until about late September they were getting kicked off. Everything else with this router has preformed well beyond expectations.

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