Amplifi HD vs Netgear Orbi vs Linksys Velop

  • No this isn’t a mesh router shoot out, just my own personal real world experience owning the AMPLIFI router and only one mesh point. After tons of research, I bought just the router Feb 2018. As my smart home devices grew, I added one mesh point. I felt due to the size of my home, that’s all I need. Fast forward, my online devices, including computers, tablets, Alexa’s, smart plugs and bulbs, total about 40 of them. I didn’t really notice a performance hit, but I was intrigued by the Tri-band systems, so I bought one.

    Last month I bought the Orbi 2 pack. It worked for a day or two. Whatever firmware update they did, the WiFi is simply inconsistent. Whether the entire system went offline or devices would connect then reconnect repeatedly was enough for me to pack it back up.

    Then I bought the Linksys Velop triband two pack. I’ve never gotten the same speeds as the AMPLIFI but the connection was solid compared to the orbi. This evening I realized, walking out to my driveway, my iPhone dropped the Wi-Fi and went to LTE. definitely not happy because In the backyard, my deck is about the same distance as my front driveway. So, this is getting packed up for return. And we’re back to the AMPLIFI.

    Point is, for me, the AMPLIFI works. My lot size is 100x100 and I have signal throughout my property on just two units, with the router on the first floor at one end of the house and the MeshPoint on the same floor but opposite end of the house. For some, the orbi and Linksys work, for me, they didn’t. But that’s not to say the AMPLIFI has been flawless, but it has the perfect balance of stability, speed and range. I do plan on getting one more mesh point and I’m hoping Ubiquiti keeps it up with this system in terms of firmware updates and customer service. I would also love to see a tri band system. And receive notifications of a meshbpoint is offline like the Velop does. Would also like to see notification if any devices go offline. Thanks for listening!

  • @chito-sien i have had similar experiences, though i spent close to a month with orbi, velop, and a few others. none would keep isp connection longer than a day or two before either disconnecting or downgrading speed. resets and reboots were needed constantly to re-establish connections or speeds. wifi speeds were great, but that does no good when connections drop or internet connection won’t stay at full speed (1GBPS). amplifi setup gets booted only when there is a firmware upgrade and speedtests remain totally consistent and awesome. 900+ wired (never achieved with any other mesh system), 120+ on mesh points and 360+ on router. some of the other mesh systems had slightly better wifi speeds but it did no good because none could hold the full internet connection speed. i’ve had the amplifi hd system since march and it’s been rock solid since day 1.

  • @mike-pires iwas starting to think maybe the tri-band mesh was a rushed technology, whether it’s true mesh or hub and spoke. That seems to be the only thing the orbi and Velop have in common.

    Either way I’m loving the AMPLIFI and looking to expand it.

  • Thank you @chito-sien & @mike-pires for sharing your amazing stories!

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