Amplifi HD vs Netgear Orbi vs Linksys Velop

  • No this isn’t a mesh router shoot out, just my own personal real world experience owning the AMPLIFI router and only one mesh point. After tons of research, I bought just the router Feb 2018. As my smart home devices grew, I added one mesh point. I felt due to the size of my home, that’s all I need. Fast forward, my online devices, including computers, tablets, Alexa’s, smart plugs and bulbs, total about 40 of them. I didn’t really notice a performance hit, but I was intrigued by the Tri-band systems, so I bought one.

    Last month I bought the Orbi 2 pack. It worked for a day or two. Whatever firmware update they did, the WiFi is simply inconsistent. Whether the entire system went offline or devices would connect then reconnect repeatedly was enough for me to pack it back up.

    Then I bought the Linksys Velop triband two pack. I’ve never gotten the same speeds as the AMPLIFI but the connection was solid compared to the orbi. This evening I realized, walking out to my driveway, my iPhone dropped the Wi-Fi and went to LTE. definitely not happy because In the backyard, my deck is about the same distance as my front driveway. So, this is getting packed up for return. And we’re back to the AMPLIFI.

    Point is, for me, the AMPLIFI works. My lot size is 100x100 and I have signal throughout my property on just two units, with the router on the first floor at one end of the house and the MeshPoint on the same floor but opposite end of the house. For some, the orbi and Linksys work, for me, they didn’t. But that’s not to say the AMPLIFI has been flawless, but it has the perfect balance of stability, speed and range. I do plan on getting one more mesh point and I’m hoping Ubiquiti keeps it up with this system in terms of firmware updates and customer service. I would also love to see a tri band system. And receive notifications of a meshbpoint is offline like the Velop does. Would also like to see notification if any devices go offline. Thanks for listening!

  • @chito-sien i have had similar experiences, though i spent close to a month with orbi, velop, and a few others. none would keep isp connection longer than a day or two before either disconnecting or downgrading speed. resets and reboots were needed constantly to re-establish connections or speeds. wifi speeds were great, but that does no good when connections drop or internet connection won’t stay at full speed (1GBPS). amplifi setup gets booted only when there is a firmware upgrade and speedtests remain totally consistent and awesome. 900+ wired (never achieved with any other mesh system), 120+ on mesh points and 360+ on router. some of the other mesh systems had slightly better wifi speeds but it did no good because none could hold the full internet connection speed. i’ve had the amplifi hd system since march and it’s been rock solid since day 1.

  • @mike-pires iwas starting to think maybe the tri-band mesh was a rushed technology, whether it’s true mesh or hub and spoke. That seems to be the only thing the orbi and Velop have in common.

    Either way I’m loving the AMPLIFI and looking to expand it.

  • Thank you @chito-sien & @mike-pires for sharing your amazing stories!

  • I recently purchased 2 amplifi alien routers. I am reading about Orbi Wifi 6 mesh setup and it has dedicated backhaul along with multi gig ethernet ports. What makes the Alien better and i currently have amplifi hd setup.

  • Guys
    I am looking for a solution for my home and reading this with interest. I have a load of questions but dont want to crash someone elses post.
    Every time I try to create a new thread I get an error saying category is missing, I have a subject heading but cannot see where i can choose a category....ANy advice please?

  • @Cosd I am currently looking into this, but please crash this thread with your questions and I will be happy to help provide answers.

  • @UI-Brett

    Thank you

    Live in a three storey including loft rooms house and have an array of the usual devices from laptops, Nest devices, mobile phones etc.

    I am with Virgin on a not so superhub3 with 200gb download. Historically the system is flaky in that it momentarily drops WiFi/internet which isn’t noticeable but is when I’m logged onto my work as I have to log back in again. Coverage is ok ‘ish but I do have some really slow spots upstairs and so running a virgin plug in extender also.

    Just before Xmas I added a Nest Hello video doorbell, a Google home, 4 Google Mini’s and 5 smart plugs.

    Since the new additions I am dropping WiFi connection randomly and often, even on things like my iMac which was rock solid prior to additional devices barring the momentary dropouts. Now I can drop signal and need to move from say 5ghz to 2.4ghz or visa versa.

    I’ve got around 25 devices in total but these will go up soon by another 10 or so. Happy to list all devices if I need to. Reading the net it seems Virgin is limited to around 20.

    So question is, will the Amplifi HD and a couple of it’s extenders sort out my issues at home?
    The price of it is about my limit on what I can spend.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @Cosd Whether you will need just the AmpliFi router, router with mesh points, or just want to go with the new AmpliFi Alien (when it comes back in stock) is hard to say because every environment is different. Ideally, if you have ethernet ran throughout your home and you need multiple extenders go with multiple AmpliFi stand alone routers (AFI-R) and hardwired them with ethernet backhaul. This could also be done with multiple AmpliFi Aliens as well. If ethernet is not available, then wireless mesh points will work, just will add to the wireless degradation with each wireless hop the data has to make.

    In terms of which AmpliFi hardware is needed to handle the 25 devices you own and growing, I would say any of our products will handle that ( I would suggests not the AmpliFi Instant with it being our entry level device). I have users who have reported 50+ devices including smart home equipment with no problems.

    I would also consider placing some of your iOT devices like your smart home equipment on the guest network AmpliFi offers. It will create isolation and add an extra layer of security to your network.

    200 Mbps is not a bottleneck in your environment IMO, however it sounds like the current networking equipments ability to handle the workload and that amount of devices could be your culprit.

  • @UI-Brett
    Thank for your Reply Bret.

    The house is around 2800 sq feet over the three floors. The entry point for virgin cables is at the back right hand side of the house and I could run Ethernet to the front left side of the house also meaning by using two Amplifi HDs I could hard wire my IMac which is the main computer also.
    I wasn’t aware I could run two Amplifi HDs, would they run as a mesh system?

    Another issue I have and obviously I do t know if that would get sorted with your equipment. One of the bedrooms I cannot get signal into nor out of. I originally had an extender which I plugged in the upstairs hallway. It gave decent signal to the upstairs except this one room which was no further than any other. When I plugged that same extender into that room it wouldn’t pick up the main router either so didn’t work at all. I opted for one of the extenders that take signal through the electrical wiring and that resolved that issue. The room isn’t constructed differently to any other and doesn’t have anything electrical different to any other room, so it’s a bit of a mystery. Below that room was the garage so there was a couple of fluorescents, they are being removed as that room is being converted to a cinema room. Again not sure if it was the fluorescents which is the only thing under that rooms floors which was different to any other room.

    Can you give me the model numbers to the two HD Amplifis please to ensure I order right ones. The Alien is beyond my budget I’m afraid.

    I will run some Ethernet cables, presumably it’s preferable, to whatever I can like a couple of tv’s, iMac, Sky Q etc. Again I presume this removes some congestion from the WiFi.

    I think once I get them I’ll post my set up for advice what to put on which network etc to try to optimise what I have.

    Apologies for such basic questions!!

    Thanks again

  • So Ive just done a bit of research and answered some of my own questions.
    I can run Ethernet to the opposite corner of the house and guessing from reviews the range should cover my whole house including my garden. Out of interest what is the range for a single Amplifi HD AFI-R? I can’t find that information for the AFI-R units alone.

    With this set up I can put both TVs, sky box and main computer on ethernet and would have no signal degradation which I would get using the mesh extenders.

  • @Cosd An AFi-R will cover about 10,000 sqf. That obviously in an open perfect environment. You will have different results depending on interference and obstructions.

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