Additional mesh point or mesh router??

  • Current setup includes mesh router and one mesh point. I wanted to purchase another MeshPoint but read many people using another mesh router wirelessly to do the same. $40 more, I might as well do that if the benefits are greater than one more mesh point. I don’t have the option of wiring them together and the main router has to stay at one end of the house.

    Thoughts? Does it have more radios and range? Again, this would be wireless and not via Ethernet.

  • @chito-sien Great question! Using an AmpliFi router as a mesh point will give you a few more benefits than adding another mesh point.

    • The processing power of the router will be greater than the mesh point, which will mean better performance

    • Ethernet backhaul option from the router (If that ever becomes an option in your environment)

    • 4 active Lan ports when additional router is added to your mesh network

    • Placement of the router is expanded because you are not limited to directly attached to the wall

  • @ubnt-brett thanks!

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