Android app keeps trying to connect forever

  • Hi, I'm trying to remote troubleshoot for my Dad, I installed the Amplify HD for them, and it is no longer working.
    Doing remote support over the phone is not so easy, so I want to do some troubleshooting first.

    Setup is Amplify connected to ISP wifi router connected to ISP fiber ONT.

    Symptoms are the router reports no internet connection, tapping screen does nothing.
    Android app reports trying to connect, never times out, even when killing and restarting app, so not possible to try and reconfigure.
    Plugging PC directly into upstream ISP router works, so Amplify router really should work as well.

    Any ideas short of hardware reset?

  • @pieter-viljoen The application has the ability to manage more than one network. Maybe the app is no longer trying to load the correct network and is looping. Please try the following

    • Connect the mobile phone to the AmpliFi network (if you have a modem/router combo that is broadcasting a network with the same SSID this can create an issue so verify that is not the case as well)
    • Launch the AmpliFi application
    • Select the three line menu button in the top left corner of your screen
    • Select switch AmpliFi at the bottom of the list (Sometimes displayed as "Start Wizard")
    • Select "I have already configured AmpliFi"which is the bottom option, also the smallest text

    From there it will show you all Online and Offline AmpliFi networks attached to the google/facebook account, and all AmpliFi networks the mobile phone is currently connected too. Select the network and it should return you to the landing page.

    From there you can select the Diagnose tab and verify that the WAN Link is checked. Thats the first part I would check since you are getting a No IP error.

    One other thing I would suggest trying if the steps above do not work is to try connecting via a different smartphone. This will help narrow down where the issue is coming from.

  • I could not get the android app to stop trying to connect, even when selecting the list of devices, the moment the amplify was selected, it went back to connecting.

    A wired connection to showed the system was configured, but could not get an IP address.

    We did a hardware reset on the amplify, it took a couple of retries in the setup wizard to get an IP, then it connected, did an update, and now it is working again.

    Looks like there is something about being connected to the ISP router (Telkom D-Link DSL-G225/TK) that made it not get an IP.

    Anyway, looks like it is back up after the hardware reset.

  • Hi there. New Amplifi user with a late reply.

    I encountered exactly the same problem you experienced during my new Amplifi setup.

    Basically after the Amplifi router had started up and I'd setup and connected to the wireless I needed to do some configuration to the router so that the router could talk to the internet (I use a Draytek 130 modem in bridge mode).

    So at this point I was connected to wireless but no internet (as in your situation). And the app was just sat there trying to connect to <My Home SSID>.

    Then I realized the problem was my phone defaults back to 4G network data if connected to wireless but no internet connection. So I guessed the app was trying to connect to my router via the 4G internet rather than via the local wireless router connection.

    I disabled my mobile 4G data connection and I was able to connect via the app to the router and complete the internet settings to enable internet connection.

    Not sure if this is a bug in the app or a feature of Android but hopefully this will help anyone who finds this in the future.

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