Next Generation of Hardware?

  • Considering mesh for home network and although Amplifi HD looks promising the system also seems somewhat lacking/dated in some areas that might not be addressable via firmware upgrades - Features such as MU-MIMO, usable USB, processor speed and RAM, etc. When can Customers expect release of the next generation of hardware?

  • No news/opinion on the next hardware release of Amplifi HD?

    OK, how about this, assuming for the sake of discussion that obvious hardware (Processor, RAM) limitations are not a factor - Which of the current known issues can be addressed by a firmware upgrade? MU-MIMO? USB support? Others of common concern?

    And a related concern, historically has Ubiquiti been responsive to Customer feature requests in a timely fashion?

  • We cannot disclose any information about upcoming products, but we'll keep you updated when those details are released!

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