Pixel 2 connectivity issues after latest updates

  • I waited awhile to update to current because I was out of town, but just did an update on the AmpliFi and it seems since my Pixel 2 will just stop working on wifi until I toggle wifi on and off. Sometimes it will die again shortly after, sometimes not. Doesn't seem to be hopping from mesh point to mesh point very well either. I can't tell since when it stops working, the app won't pull up the router configuration either (despite wifi indicating I'm connected). I need to toggle, and when I do that, of course I connect up to the nearest mesh point then. It's getting a wee bit frustrating. Any helpful hints here?

  • @frank-even Hi! have a Pixel 2 XL on latest Android October patch level and latest Amplifi firmware. No issues here I'm afraid. No special setup with the Amplifi. Just running in bridge mode.

  • I'm not on the XL, just plain Pixel 2. Only WAP I seem 5o be having issues with is the AmpliFi. My shiny new Model 3 seemed to be crapping out until i disconnected and reconnected it earlier as well. Ive had to toggle to get a connection on each. The Pixel doesn't seem to be hopping mesh points either, I'll be fine in one end of the house, have to toggle it on and off in the other. This was not the behavior earlier this summer. I hope the AmpliFi isn't "blessed" with the same problem a bunch of other APs are blessed with, where they just start failing silently after a year or so. This costs too much for that behavior.

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