RMA Updates?

  • So I wish I could "use my AmpliFi Mesh Router" but it decided to power brick itself. Anyhow I have an RMA number and a generic email that its been "received and processed." Ok ... that was a week ago. Is there really, in this day and age, no web portal for me to check the status? Do you not have anyone answering email requests for a simple update? You don't even have an advance replacement system like most other companies so I'd at least like to know what's going on with my unit. I feel abandoned!

    The router worked great for the short time I had it. Not a great first time customer experience or interaction.

  • Sorry to hear that. What do you mean by power brick itself? What’s the behavior of the router, it’s just doesn’t turn on or it’s frozen? Did you try the reset button underneath?

  • @chito-sien It simply shut down. Zero power. Support had me try everything even a different power source before issuing the RMA.

    That's not really the point of my post though. I'd like to know why nobody will respond to my emails about the state of my RMA. Its really bad customer service.

  • @gregory-coan-0 If you can provide me with your RMA # (direct message please) I can reach out to that team and get a status on your order for you

  • Thanks for the help Brett!

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