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  • I am looking to replace/upgrade my home WiFi and looking at using Amplifi. I see 2 home options, the AmpliFi Mesh Wi-Fi System and the AmpliFi Instant System. I am very interested in hearing the pros/cons to each. My home it not overly large (2800 sq-ft) but is old and has rather significant barriers - fireplace and a brick wall that was once an external wall separate rooms.

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  • Hi @jack-bretcher - just my opinion, instead of using the kit systems, get a single mesh router first, and then add components later if needed.
    The kit systems cannot be separated or "un-paired" which is very limiting to their benefit versus the cost savings.

    You can then use a second router as a mesh point for additional coverage (if you need it), which can be very beneficial, as it allows for wired Ethernet backhaul (highly recommended if you can make it happen), provides additional Ethernet ports, and can be more easily located away from electrical plugs, than the standard HD MeshPoints.

    Choosing between the HD Router and the Instant, if your house has a lot of potential barriers, the transmission power of the HD is higher than the Instant (26 dB vs. 22 dB) and has 3x3 MIMO vs 2x2 MIMO.

    So I would recommend starting with an HD Router and see how the coverage in your house is.

    If you only need a little extra coverage, save a few dollars and add an Instant as a your 2nd mesh point, which also provides one remote Ethernet port.
    If you need more coverage (or more remote Ethernet ports) add a second HD Router as a mesh point
    Again, wired Ethernet backhaul highly recommended if you can use it.

    Then if you still need even further coverage consider your options.
    But at 2800 sq-ft, you probably won't need 3 mesh points unless you have a really difficult spot.

  • Thanks Derek, I purchased a HD Router and will start there and add additional mesh points as needed.

    Very helpful, thanks again,


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