Love the product but there is always room for improvement

  • So after getting my first amplifihd and Teleport my first reaction is you have got a great niche product. With a few tweaks this could really be a main stream product if people really knew what you could do with it.
    What is the purpose of mine? I am using for a couple different things.

    1. Pure entertainment - I currently have our main home where I have cut the cord and gone with Hulu for my tv. I also have a small cabin and a house down in Mexico. This product has allowed me to very simply cut all tv service to those locations and install a amplified and teleport at each location and it is saving me over 100.00 a month.
    2. Business- I have a remote office and I support the IT in that office. I have installed a amplifihd there and whenever I have a problem computer or device I can quickly log in without the need for custom VPN setups that are expensive and beyond my IT level.

    So what are the weaknesses or room for improvement?
    1-Speed is the first - while I haven't run into any issues with streaming it does baffle me a little that, as an example at my office I have a 105M down and up service and in the office I can normally achieve high 90's, when I connect from my home office also where I have a 120M service both up and down it always caps out a around 10 both up and down when I am running thru the teleport. So I would love to see better speeds.
    2-Remote pairing or multiple pairing for one teleport. as I have multiple amplifihd's setup rather than traveling with multiple teleports I would love to be able to select what one I would like to use with the same Teleport.
    3- software version of the Teleport
    4- better documentation - things that I don't know for example you guys have some great products besides the teleport. Is my amplifiHD compatible with the amplifi Meshpoint HD or does it require the AmplifiHD Mesh Router?
    5- little things. either foldable power plugs or usbC power connecter or battery option.

    Keep up the great work and can't wait for the next updates.

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