Having troubles with setup

  • Hi,

    I finally made the decision to buy the HD kit. One router, two meshpoints. I'm having mixed feelings, as I am very positive about the hardware and the app. But also a bit disappointed in the connection to the meshpoints.

    Router is installed in the living room where I need hardwired ethernet and best possible reception. Meshpoints are on the hallways of 1st and 2nd floor. In distance the meshpoints are approx. 7m and 10m away from the router.
    The 1st floor meshpoint only gets a 25%-35% 5Ghz connection with the router. There is a concrete floor and a plastered wall between them.
    The 2nd floor router however switches between a 100% 5Ghz connection with the 1st floor router and a 45% 2,4Ghz connection with the main router.
    I would love to get better reception on the 1st floor as that is where the bedrooms and study are, but do not have many opportunities with placing or adjusting the meshpoint.
    I do have an opportunity to place a 2nd hardwired router on the 2nd floor. Big question is, will the 1st floor meshpoint be able to connect to that (2nd) HD router if it is in ethernet backhaul mode?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for bringing your situation to our attention. Have you by chance reached out to our support team for assistance on a proper configuration? We would love to get in contact with you to ensure that we help in any way we can. Feel free to reach out to our support lines HERE:

    24/7 Chat Support
    Email: help@amplifi.com

    Please ask for Jack and I will personally assist you.


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