LAN vs WiFi Speed

  • Newbie here...

    I've got my modem going into any AmpliFi, and from there I have 2 iMacs, a synology NAS and a printer connected via ethernet. I also have a 2016 MacBook Pro.

    When I copy files from the Synology to my MacBook Pro (on the ac network) I can copy about 1.5gb worth of RAW photos in about 45 seconds. When I copy files from the Synology to my iMac via Ethernet, it copies the same folder in 15 seconds.

    Should my AC speeds be three times slower than 1gb ethernet speeds?

  • @nathan-welton hey. Welcome. Yeah, that’s totally normal. Hardlined hard drives, computers, etc. will always be faster as if it’s a direct connection, where WiFi will always be slower.

  • Yes. The Mbps ratings for Wi-Fi are somehow misleading. You're actually getting half the speed as opposed to wired Ethernet. If you have a wired 1Gbps connection, you'll get roughly 100MBps performance. However, if you have a 1Gbps wireless connection, most you'll get is 50MBps. So yeah, 45 vs. 15 seconds sounds about right.

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