External main router, guest network and backhaul for Amplifi 2x AFi-R’s.

  • Hi there,

    A few days ago I bougth Amplifi 2x AFi-R’s. I wanted them back-hauled and one in my living room and one on the second floor. Hoping it will provide good wifi also on the second floor. My current Asus router is in the meter cupboard where also the modem to the ISP is located. Not an ideal spot for a Wifi router to be. From my Asus I got ethernet to everyroom so I would like to use that one to backhaul my amplifi routers.

    First I set up one of them in bridge mode (living room) and did the backhaul installation with the help of a great support employee of Ubiquiti. Paired the system first wireless and after config put the router ethernet cable in the wan port of the AFi-R on the second floor and all was working fine.

    After playing around I discovered guest network is not working and some of the family stuff for the Amplifi.

    So I disable dhcp on my ASUS router and gave it one ip number and a static one to the AFI-R in the living room. Put the AFI-r out of bridge mode. Put in the config internet on static and pointing it to the router. Gateway ip number of the router for ASUS it’s for ip number of the living room AFi-R. Look at your DHCP setting on your Amplifi they don't conflict with your main router (ASUS) the default of the AFi-R is fine.

    At first the AFi-R couldn’t find internet but when I connected the WAN port to the Ethernet port on the back of the AFi-R It worked. On the other ethernetport is the cable to the main router.

    So now I got it all. Guest network, outside access and wifi from the AFi-R. The mesh on locations where needed. I can imagine it works with an edge Router or others the same and you don't have to buy just a wifi router in a location where there is no need for one.

    With only 2 AFI-R’s, I cover my 3 floor concrete house. 5mhz in sight and 2.4mhz after the wall but often over 50% so throughput in my case not under 60mbps as worst. Even with 37% on the most extended location on the second floor behind three concrete walls i get 85Mbps on my iPhone. Pretty happy. Maybe in the future will place one on the second floor also but there is realy no serious need for that.

    So I am very happy with this all and after running for 3 days now it's never been that stable or fast with my ASUS even when I was sitting next to it 😉

    I think a lot of people can benefit from the fact you can use your current wired environment and just put a few AFi-R in. Just pair them first wireless and connect them into the wan port with your ethernet backhaul. Maybe this helps you.




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