I Give up

  • Well, I have finally packed up my router and all the mesh points and put them in a box on the shelf. Really getting tired of all the software updates, rebooting of the router and just bad wireless performance from the equipment. I finally pulled out my old Archer C8 router turned it on and performing better than my mesh router and have not had to reboot it and getting what is advertised from Comcast wirelessly. If anyone is looking for a router and three mesh points send me an email and will see what we can work out. Just had enough of crappy service and the wife yelling at me about the bad wireless performance.

    Tried everything on this site, dealt with customer care and here we are. Maybe I won't have the reach from my Archer router but at least it works.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Maybe hw error or user/config error?

    I and many of my friends and family use Amplifi without any issues. Very happy with the product and performance on my 500/500 Internet connection. All the happy users don't write on forums to tell everyone "Im so happy with the product". Its a support forum so many posts with different issues is just normal.

  • @dennis-horn You are probably correct and maybe there is some sort of interference in my house but working with customer support we never got it working correctly. They tried and I give them Kudos for that. I guess you can say this about any device. Some work in some places and some don't. Just like 3G/4G and now 5G in my world. Some customers are happy about where it works then you have those that it just will never work so you need to let them go. I guess that is where I am and I will wait a while and maybe something will shake lose to where I will go back to it. The concept is great and reached places where my other one would not at least for a little while.

  • @phil-mckenzie I had similar issues and my Amplifi is also in storage now. I have tried several mesh systems and most were quite unreliable. If you are still looking for a solution, have a look at the new Samsung Smartthings Wi-Fi. It solved my issues and seems very reliable. Not too expensive. Look at the reviews on Amazon.com. You have to give it a few days to optimize performance.

  • @stefan-du-toit Looks interesting since I have a lot of Z-wave and Zigbee devices. So do you need your own router or do you just use the pucks by themselves? Did not see that based on the description. I have a lot of hardwire devices.

  • Sorry to say you are not alone. I had high expectations for AMPLIFI, but it’s unplugged on a shelf. I am back using my ASUS which gets twice the speeds on all my Apple devices. I got over the constant trouble shooting and not getting the speeds. I am paying for gigabit speeds, so I should be getting at least close.

  • @phil-mckenzie It can function as a router or in bridge mode. I use a switch for hardwired devices. It uses the Plume app for configuration. Some people see it as a drawback, but it is actually quite good. It took a few days to optimize the system, but then I experienced great speeds and throughput. There has been no issues or disconnects since switching it on. That includes about 30 devices and several different models of iPhones, Mac computers. I live in a log home, so wifi is generally problematic. The SmartThings solution is really worth looking at.

  • @tim-letteer Pretty sad. Seems more people are having issues than those that are not. Just spend soooo much money on a solution that should have worked and now have a $300+ paperweight.

    Amplifi if you are reading this maybe you should offer a buyback for those that can't get them to work and you can offer them up to others or better yet put them through your testing lab to see if maybe you might have some design or quality control issues

  • ... you guys think AMPLIFI is bad because you have not dealt with the other mesh offerings... they will redefine your baseline for "dysfunctional product". By comparison the AMPLIFI setup is rock solid. My only complain is that I too have 1GB link to the internet, but wireless performance even very close to the main router rarely exceeds 350mb/sec... and that is on devices that routinely exceed 420-440mb/sec when connected to my Netgear X10 R9000 router. Connecting to access points - speed is always around 120-150mb/sec and that is with 5GHz connection between AP and router and 85-100% signal strength. However, I am willing to put up with the lower speeds as network uptime has been absolutely stellar- the thing stays up for weeks without any hiccups.

  • @chris-jenkins That case have a complete system to sell you if you would like. Comes with three mesh points and a teleport

  • Just got rid of it. Sold it for a dream. Good luck to you'all

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