Have to reboot my Amplifi every day to get normal DL speeds

  • Hi,

    This starts to get really frustrating, already unnecessarily alerted my ISP once because of this. I'm unsure when this started exactly (I've always just updated my FW right away, when I get a notification for a new one being available), but I have a 200/100Mb/s connection to my apartment, and I have to reboot my Amplifi every day to keep that up. If I don't, the DL speeds drop to anything between 6-30Mb/s (I've tried various test servers via speedtest, but also used Amplifi's built in speed test, and they both give similar results), but in the mean while the UL stays just fine. Troubleshooting this issue the past weeks, I found out that the only way to fix it is to reboot the Amplifi router. It works every time, restoring my connection to its regular and promised speeds immediately. Nothing else helps. I'd say that this has been going on now for something like over a one month for sure.

    Is there anything you can aid to fix or further solve the issue? It doubt it being HW issue, as reboot always unclogs and solves it.

    I'm currently running the latest FW version available.

    Edit: I do not have any additional mesh-points connected. The internet subscription I have is not limited or throttled by the ISP in any way.

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