2 Router - Same network without bridge mode?

  • Hello Community,

    I want to use the following:

    1. I have a router ( On this device I have DHCP an DNS activated, WLAN deactivated, LAN activated . The IP Range is from to

    2. I have Ubiquity Amplify HD Router connected to via LAN. It gets an IP Adress vom the router ( Configure WLAN-IP-Range
      from to on the Amplifi, so the WLAN devices can connect to the LAN devices.

    When I click confirm, the diagnosis come up wit DNS-Adress "not connected to the ISP", Internet is gone.

    I know I can turn on bridge mode, but I want to use all the features 😉

    Is this possible ? Do I have to change the DNS-Adress to e.g. Goolge DNS ?

    Thank you for your suggestions ! 🙂

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