Slow speeds with Comcast Gigabit Router

  • I am constantly getting WiFi maximum of 200 Mbps on Amplifi FD, my ISP speeds are at Gigabit speeds. I have tried a number of things without avail.

    I have tried the following

    • Put Amplifi HD in bridge mode
    • Enabled Hardware NAT
    • Eliminated all possible double nat'ing, my ISP router is in bridge mode
    • Connected wired connections to Amplifi HD - I get gigabit speeds in this case
    • Factory reset
    • Force channels etc

    I am on version 2.8.9, I read on the forums here downgrading to version 2.6.3 fixes the issue. Could someone please guide me on how to downgrade my firmware

  • @abbas-vakil said in Slow speeds with Comcast Gigabit Router:

    ed wired connections to Amplifi HD - I get gigabit speeds in this case
    Factory reset

    1. To put the Amplifi HD in bridge are you using another router? (That's the only way it stays near gig speeds)
    2. Request 2.6.3 from the mods of the forums. Brett I believe... or contacting support while using the app.
    3. 2.6.3 will get you faster speeds but from what I have noticed it will dip down to 700 - 780 mbs in router mode after a few hours of use.

  • @tristan-baptist Thanks for your response. My responses

    1. Yes when I put Amplifi HD in bridge mode, I have another router in front of it, Edgerouter ERLite. I verified that I am getting gigabit speeds on this router
    2. I downgraded to 2.6.3 and still no improvement in speeds, even if I have the Amplifi HD right next to me.

    I have given up hope on Amplifi HD

  • Similar issues here, but I am using the new Amplifi Gamers Edition Router. I have a 1gbps Comcast connection with Arris SB8200 cable modem. I have to consistently reboot the router daily to regain my 900+mbps download speeds via wired connections. After a few hours throughout the day, the system slows back down to around 100-300mbps. Reboot the Amplifi Router, back to 900+mbps download speeds. I am currently awaiting a new firmware to hopefully fix this issue...

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