Meshpoints connected to 2nd Router

  • Hi,

    I have a classic setup: Router in main building and three Meshpoints round the building. 2nd Router as Meshpoint connected with ethernet cable in a second building.
    Works fine absolut perfect.

    But I have to expand the signal in the second building.

    If I would add a Meshpoint to the 2nd (cabled) router will I then have two hops (Daisy Chain) to the main router or will the Meshpoint act like directly connected to my main router?

  • @sven-shaw The mesh points are going to connect based on the best available connection. So if you're adding a mesh point into the second building, it will more than likely connect to your 2nd hardwired router. Since its a getting its connection via hardwire backhaul this will only be considered one hop, acting like its directly connected to your main router.

  • @ubnt-brett
    Thank you Brett for the fast answer. This is fantastic news and makes the product even better than it is anyway. I’m impressed!

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