Ethernet backhaul issue?

  • I have three HD routers, one on each floor of a concrete house. The main one in the middle of the sandwich and one in the basement and one on the first floor as wired mesh points. All are/were connected by ethernet backhaul and have been working flawlessly.

    This morning or at some point during the night the first floor router has generated a really weird issue. It's connected, everything is "great" in the app, but devices connecting via it will not connect to the internet for anything. Simply walking downstairs where the device hops to one of the other routers instantly restores internet connectivity.

    I have rebooted all devices, switches, modems etc and it's isolated to this particular router.

    Here's the next weird bit. If I untick ethernet backhaul it has enough signal to mesh with the main router wirelessly, and once again internet connectivity is restored.

    So it seems to be an ethernet backhaul issue.

    Once again this has been working absolutely fine up until today. Any advice appreciated. I'd prefer to retain ethernet backhaul as I assume it's probably optimal (various ethernet devices are connected to this upstairs router so I can't just use a normal mesh point anyway).

    The only setting changed recently was enabling iPv6 with 6to4 which has been working fine as well.

    Update: I have now swapped out the actual ethernet cables to see if it's a broken cable...

    Update 2: Changing the cable and switching back to ethernet backhaul seems to have fixed the problem, but the cable is not faulty it works fine elsewhere, so original weirdness still applicable.

  • Good cable BUT bad cable connection (oxidation, not fully seated etc.)???

  • The connectors looked ok to me, and I gave it a good wiggle to seat it. Who knows, maybe a tiny bit of oxidation was enough to knock it out. But then why could I see the device at all via the app? Is it actually also meshing wirelessly at the same time, surely not?

  • @john-samuelson You could be facing an issue with the WAN port. I don't know if something bumped into the router or not, but maybe reseating the cable was needed.

    Why the device is still seen on the app makes sense. It was added to your mesh and can still be seen, but you had the "Ethernet Backhaul" toggled on still.
    Glad you got it working!

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