AT&T U-Verse TV Signal Issues

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    Problem Statement:

    AT&T U-Verse TV Signal. Turn on TV and Set Top Box and the channel plays for 15 seconds and then freezes the channel and the "lost U-verse signal message" screen shows on the TV.


    I have 1 Amplifi Router, 4 Mesh Points installed in 3,648 sq ft townhome that's 3 stories. I have 3 Televisions with U-Verse Set Top Boxes (STB) connected to ethernet wall jacks throughout the house. All the wall jacks are connected to one of two NetGear 8 Port 1Gbps Unmanaged Switches. The Netgear Switch in the network cabinet connects an ethernet cable to one of the ethernet ports on the Amplifi Router. I also have U-Verse Voice Line.

    I have a 4th Television with U-Verse Wifi STB, which connects to AT&T provided Pace Plc Model 5268AC gateway and that television works fine.

    AT&T U-Verse TV is IP-TV multi-cast, which is AT&T's version of UDP.


    If I configure IP Passthru or set Amplifi as a Cascaded Router on AT&T provided Pace Plc Model 5268AC gateway or configure Bridge Mode on Amplifi Router will that solve the issue?

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