Very bad latency when WAN upload is high

  • I'm on ADSL with a 1 MBit/s upload. This sort of connection really needs some sort of buffer/queue management to not have uploads introduce massive latency. It seems like the Amplifi doesn't have any sort of Smart Queue or fq_codel implementation? Or is there some setting I'm missing somewhere?

    Here's a speedtest showing the very bad latency on upload

  • As far as I can tell there's nothing in Amplifi to fix this, so I ended up configuring an EdgeRouter X in bridge mode between the ADSL modem and the Amplifi. The ERX just does it's Smart Queue thing and that's fixed the huge latency spikes on upload.

  • @dan-everton Thank you for the update! Yes, AmpliFi has wireless QoS features, but the EdgeRouter X will have more advanced features.

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