Setting up a second Amplifi HD - how?

  • I have an ATT Modem/router and I am using my AmpliFi HD as a bridge hardwired to it and two mesh points. I have a second AmpliFi Router with two mesh points that I would like to use for another section of the house, but can't figure how to connect it. It was previously used as a router, but I guess I want to use it as a second bridge by plugging it into a wired connection at the far end of my house. When I plug it in and go to the app on my iPhone it only sees the first Amplifi unit. What am I doing wrong, or is this not possible to configure two systems? Do I have to do some sort of Hardware reset on this second system?

  • @howard-scho In short, you can't.
    I have the same issue - it's in a suggestion thread under the beta section:

    You can't connect 2 'kits' together.

    my crude work around was to rename the same SSID & passwords for both kits.
    not ideal but it does the job.

  • @gavin-turner Thanks. Yes I know I cannot pair a mesh point from kit "A" to kit "B". What I was trying to do was hard wire a second AmpliFi HD router to my ATT Router as a Bridge at a the other end of the house and then use the two mesh points from it to provide WiFi in the other area of the house. But the app did not want to even see the second AmpliFi - that is where my confusion resides.

  • Hi @howard-scho - If you can return the second kit and you are interested in managing your home network as one installation, you can consider purchasing a standalone HD Router plus one or two standalone Instant Routers to use as mesh points for the other end of your house.
    The total cost would only be about $10 more than the kit.

    Note that the Instant Routers are only 2x2 MIMO if that matters for your install.
    But they also have the added flexibility of wired Ethernet backhaul if you can use it.

  • @derek-saville Can't return the second as I have had it for more than a year. I just want to be able to use each (with their two access points) to have a total of six Bridged AP's - I have to believe it is possible to do this.

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