Mobile App and Clients unable to connect under specific workload

  • So I haven't yet had my fill of morning coffee. This might be a little rambling.

    Essentially there's an issue where under a specific set of circumstances the Amplifi HD router falls on its head.

    Here's the situation:

    • Amplifi as the primary router at a home. No mesh points, just the cube.
    • Connection is a symmetrical cable connection (30/30 - static IP - no bandwidth limits).
    • One laptop, mine, is used to connect back to the office's pfSense-based router using OpenVPN. This connection on this laptop stays up almost permanently.
    • On said laptop, I also use a variety of virtual machines to connect to other services, mostly via OpenVPN (AWS clusters, GCP clusters, other servers/services).

    To be clear - Laptop connects to office VPN. Virtual Machine uses another VPN which tunnels back through the office to the remote. So two layers. Never been a problem.

    During a recent session of a prolonged transfer within one of these virtual machines connected to another network via VPN, at not-near-the-limit rate of about 12mbits/sec, a family member couldn't connect to the network (there were only about 6 wireless clients at the time, none using any significant bandwidth - and this family member was nearly adjacent to the Amplifi router).

    I tried to use the Amplify app on my iOS devices to see what's up. Can't connect. Timeouts occur.


    Eventually I thought to cancel the transfer. Boom - back up. Clients can connect.

    Resume transfer - bang - clients can't connect, app can't access the Amplifi. Existing clients work, but response is dead slow and some requests fail.

    This is a problem - a reasonably concerning in a first-world-problems sort of way. Our 10 year old Apple Airport Extreme, the previous home router, had absolutely no issues with this workload for the last 4 years; often with far more clients and a number of these second VPN connections simultaneously.

    Amplifi is running 2.4.0

    Where do we go from here?

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