Third Hard Fail in Five Months

  • We got two MeshRouters - one primary, one serving as a MeshPoint - this summer to replace an aging Asus router that kept crashing. Overall, it's been a great upgrade, as the Amplifi units are both more reliable day to day and give faster performance over a much wider area.

    The problem we have is that when it crashes, it crashes hard.

    On July 19th, August 11th and then today, November 12th, the units were still up but no longer would connect to the internet. In each case, the service on the ISP end was fine, and the modem was fine.

    Historically, the fix for this for most routers has been simple. Unplug both the modem and router, plug the modem in and wait, plug the router in and wait and everything is rebooted and back up. In the case of the Amplifi gear, this didn't work: the problem persisted across numerous reboot cycles. Each time, it would boot back up and say "No Internet Connection" or "No IP Address."

    On the first two occasions, I eventually had to resort to a hard reset. I originally thought it might be an obscure Cloudflare DNS bug mentioned here, but after discovering that I dropped Cloudflare's DNS in favor of Google's. For a couple of months, it appeared to solve the problem, and then tonight, same thing.

    Based on that link, I first tried Bypassing the DNS cache - not because I thought that was the problem but because it was the only thing that reportedly worked. No joy. After rebooting first the MeshRouter and then the modem, however, everything eventually came back - although not before displaying that same "No IP Address" message.

    So the good news is that I didn't have to do a hard reset. The bad news is that every few months at the outside, the device fails hard enough that I'm left with little other recourse.

    Two questions then: first, has anyone else experienced anything similar? And second, any ideas as to cause/solution? Any/all advice appreciated, as crashes like this are not ideal when I'm in the house, but a nightmare for my family when I'm traveling.

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