Parental control services

  • Id love to see the ability to leave certain services availible while blocking some. In example I want my kids to be able to access news sites, fb, etc, while blocking all else. Or possibly also be able to leave everything open while blocking one service or site.

    In short; parental control geekporn version.

  • @rune-andré-isaksen-steffensen I love this idea. Thanks for the suggestion! We appreciate any and all feedback!

  • @jack I have just stumbled upon this suggestion. I have escalated the same request to development 3 times now, amongst many other feature requests. Could you please advise if anything is in development, and if so at what stage.

    I have a 17 year old addicted to gaming, who is about to complete his final term of Year 12. I desperately need the ability to allow internet access during times of study, but block certain gaming and social media websites and Apps during that time.

    Circle with Disney, Family Zone and Trend Micro all have this feature, so I’m sure Amplifi is capable.

  • @ingrid-boer Thanks for the feedback! You currently can limit internet access during certain times via the family tab. We aprieciate your voice and we will add this recommendation to our list of suggestions for future consideration.

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