Add modules to set bandwidth

  • Can you guys add a feature that will allow people to set the bandwidth for each device you have connected to the router. That will fix my latency issue as well as fix others

  • @brandon-clark Thank you for the suggestion! I will add it to our feature requests.
    One thing AmpliFi does have is QoS, this may help fix some of your latency issues. To enable, select the family tab in the mobile app, and swipe left on the device to select the QoS level. Gaming is top priority, streaming is second followed by normal. This can also be configured by selecting each device specifically. Hope this helps!

  • Hi @ubnt-brett - please still consider adding QoS levels below "Normal" with the option to also set a global priority for Guest access below "Normal"...

    (5) Gaming
    (4) Streaming
    (3) Normal
    (2) Lesser / Guest
    (1) Lowest

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