Amplifi HD reboots by itself.

  • Hi,
    Recently purchased the Amplifi HD and replaced my older router.

    The issue I'm currently facing now is the router reboots by itself. Especially, when I run a few speedtest sessions back-to-back.

    Current firmware: 2.8.9.

    I think the firmware cannot efficiently handles voltage. Been constantly conducting the high bandwidth test, it burdens the CPU a lot. Perhaps, this is what I think.

    Here's a video captured. Click to view.

    Need help.

  • @jerry-soon This is a very unique situation and we would like to look into this further for you. Some additional questions come to mind;

    1.) Does this issue occur randomly without speedtest's being run or without "overworking" the router?
    2.) How long have you owned your new AmpliFi and how long has this issue been occurring?

    Please feel free to go into as much detail as you can describing when this issue happens or what could lead up to this issue occurring. Looking forward to your response.

  • I have the same issues, its reboots itself rarely, sent log files, they cannot see anything. so it stays unsolved. Tbh I'm on beta firmware maybe that's the problem. Happens when the bandwidth almost max.

  • @ubnt-jack

    1. So far I haven't seen it reboot by itself randomly. Usually happens when I was doing speedtest.
    2. I just bought it few days ago, hence I was setting up and doing multiple speedtest to check my connection. Earlier, I couldn't get any internet connection after setting up the amplifi HD. Whenever the internet reconnects, I'll run speedtest to verify.

  • I just bought mine 3 days ago and have been doing speed tests a lot. I am using Hardware NAT acceleration maybe you can try that.
    I posted my results here:

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