Loss of Speed on AT&T Gigabit

  • I am on the latest beta and am suffering a gradual slowdown that is fixed temporarily with a router reboot. I have a 500mbps download link which I was able to get 326 Mbps using speed test on the galaxy s9 phone after a reboot. Before the speed was under 5 Mbps.... Ping was huge when the router speed was compromised.

    Oh I need to add I am on the UK Virgin service NOT AT&T

  • I just purchased and installed an Amplifi HD with AT&T Fiber and I am also experiencing the same issues with major reductions in speed after setting up the Amplifi HD. Is there a resolution for this?

  • I am not familiar with amplify. But have you guys check the proper MTU settings for your gigabit circuit and make sure this MTU settings match on both the service provider equipment and the Amplifi router?

    It could be an issue on the Amplifi as well but once again. Not familiar with it so I will let someone else answer that.

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