Dynamic DNS

  • Does the AMPLIFI router have a means of providing Dynamic DNS?

    Since my ISP provides only a dynamic Public IP address there are occasions when this IP address can change, for example after rebooting their cable modem.

    Currently on my Cisco router I have Dynamic DNS setup so it checks occasionally if my Public IP address has changed using a service known as DynDNS.org

    By this means it’s always checking my Public IP address and updating my DNS.

    The only other means of not needing Dynamic DNS is to obtain a Static or Fixed IP address from my cable provider but they usually don’t give these out for residential accounts or when they do you have to have a more commercial package.

    So my concern is if I switch out my Cisco router with this AMPLIFI Router there will be a day that my Public IP Address changes not then updating my URL that I use to log into my router, and therefore won’t work.

    I suspect too, that maybe the reply is that AMPLIFI does not need this because they use their Teleport device (which I have) and use at one of my other house locations and maybe the thought is one does not need to worry about using Dynamic DNS if you use their Teleport???

  • You can manage your Amplifi system via the application without a direct IP connection via the remote login options (e.g., through Google account). That's at least one option in the meantime. I haven't seen any DDNS options exposed in the Amplifi settings. I know I had that setup with my old Unifi system.

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