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  • I have several independent locations (different states) that I have the AMPLIFI router setup.

    This said, it would be nice if the Teleport could link to more than one AMPLIFI Router at a time using only one Teleport for multiple locations.

    In other words in my situation, I need three independent Telaprts that must be properly labeled with that specific location and carry all three with me depending on which location I need to access.

    I get that it’s good for Ubiquiti to sell more Telaprts, but I’d be willing to pay more for a multi location Teleport.


  • @randy-theken Thank you for your suggestion! I will add it to the list of feature requests for future consideration.

  • @ui-brett

    I would like to add that I would love this feature also. Just talked to Martin S. in support and was really bummed that the teleport couldn’t handle this feature. Is there any update if this is in development?

  • Believe you are all asking for a commercial high end enterprise solution - multi-site VPN is something that is generally reserved for advanced firewalls - think Cisco and Palo Alto as an example that start out at $1000's of dollars each and can be complex to configure. Even with those devices you must setup complex routing tables and rules for dynamic routing including assign resources to each hop.

    It sounds great, and it is. I can't see Ubiquiti ever enabling this type of complexity into this product and even if they did, you still have to be pretty smart at setting it all up correctly or you blow up your security settings...

    The teleport is only designed to port you back security to your home or officer router location - it's that simple of a device which works for most people that don't require a complex VPN environment, lastly, it's simple, requires almost no technical comprehension to setup.

    Thats actually the beauty of the solution, provide basic VPN tunneling back to your home network, almost zero touch configuration. All for $99.00 dollars... Asking for more, I can't see how its possible to expect...

  • @b-m-0 We have some advancements being released with our Teleport app that may help, please check back on the community later for that post.

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