Network update help...

  • so I've been needing to upgrade my home network for sometime. I already have an Amlifi-HD, but Im about to switch rooms around in my house and need wired lines for the entertainment system. The room its being moved to doesn't have them currently. so the electrician is on his way out in about 2 weeks. while I'm at it my office and bedroom will also get a hard line.

    so this is what I'm thinking. tell me if this makes sense, or if you have any suggestions. In the basement will be my modem, Unifi managed PoE+ 8 port switch, Unifi gateway, and gen1 cloud key. single hard line to my office which will have a US-8 8 port switch and a single line to the bedroom which will connect an Amplifi-HD router. Two lines will go into the new media room which will connect to another US-8 switch and another Amplifi-HD router. Two lines are going in here as my NAS supports linked aggregation. Mesh points will go in the basement, outside in the workshop and kitchen.

    I'll of course be using the Unifi console to manage everything, while the Amplifi routers and mesh points will just be AP's.

    Does this setup make sense? I know I'm leaving out possible information, such as why the Amplifi system as AP's and not actual APs like the Nano-HDs, but just had hand surgery and this post has taken to long to type as it is. Let me know what you think... any suggestions?

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