Amplifi HD and Ring Cameras

  • I am coming from a Unifi system at my old house that had several APs running 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radios with a single SSID. All of my Ring camera and doorbell devices connected just fine to my network and resolved 2.4 GHz connections without trouble. With my Amplifi HD system, this is not the case. I cannot get them to connect to the regular SSID. Rather, I have to enable the secondary SSID so that I can force it to connect to the 2.4 GHz network instead. This seems like an annoying step backward.

    Has anyone had similar experience? Any suggestions?

  • I have a Ring doorbell pro and a Ring Doorbell and didn't experience those issues when connecting a few weeks ago.

  • @nick-transier I had a similar issue, I ended up using an old 2.4Ghz device (ipod touch) to configure a couple of Kuna cameras that wouldn't connect to 5GHz. Agreed this is a hassle.

  • @ryan-brandt So you are running a single SSID with 2.4 and 5 Ghz and the Ring connected to that SSID without issue? I think the doorbell Pro actually supports 5 Ghz, so that's maybe not surprising. But I have a bunch of other Ring devices outdoor that do not.

  • My Ring doorbell camera and doorbell connects fine without creating a secondary SSID. Same for Tend Secure cameras and Nest smoke alarms.

  • I have a sea of Ring devices- two door bells, a dozen floodlights, several spotlights... they never had problems connecting to the single Amplifi 2.4/5 GHz wireless network served in my house...

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