Firmware v2.9.2

  • @juan-moncayo I think you just answered your own question. I´ve had a bad experiences with upgrading in the past and will leave it as for a few weeks until the dust settles. The last update required a full reset and re-install of all my 4 units before working as advertised. I would only upgrade if I had any current issues.

  • @carlos-flores Your support files show that your mesh points are being greatly affected with interference. Can you try to identify what in the area is causing the interference or relocate the mesh points and see if that helps?

  • What was the reason that a firmware update was needed again?
    I have installed about 60 sets / single routers at customers. At this moment I do not experience any issues. I measure all systems with MetaGeek.
    An added value is Airtime Fairness. And it is possible to disable the WiFi from the main router. (div in relation to placement Backbone and no WiFi in the provider cable box is needed)
    In addition, it would help a separate DMZ institution.

  • @juan-moncayo for me it's been excellent and solved my issues on the previous firmware. So far, best release so far.

  • @jaco-hage The updates will provide new features, for example on this update we released A-MSDU as well as the ability to backup and restore the network configuration. Some users also update for the smaller "Bug fixes" that may be hindering their system so its always good to stay up to date. If you do not experience any issues and don't see any benefits from the listed release notes, then you are not required to update.

  • @ubnt-brett said in Firmware v2.9.2:


    it strikes me that after an update there is usually something going wrong for some users around the WiFi. And that also repeats itself in previous releases.
    Outside of new updates, it stands out ...

  • @michaele actually I'm no so sure, they could be working on it for all we know, it would take time since you need driver level support for it to work properly at 1GB and up.

  • Anyone with teleport still have to factory reset after loosing their connection? Even in this fw my teleport will work for one day then quit once the paywall comes up. This is getting annoying.

  • @michaele Yeah, mine is the same way. Used to have it on the power strip under my desk at work. Now I have a short extension onto the the desktop so I can poke the reset button every 48hrs. 😞

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