One HD and additional mesh points or Multiple HDs

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    My main reason for wanting to go mesh is for seamless handoffs between WAPS.

    The house: 60 x 52 footprint (2-story). All wood and drywall construction. No metal, no masonry.

    1. Can the Amplifi HDs act as meshpoints without actual meshpoints ? There has been discussion re 2 and 3 Amplifi HDs instead of an Amplifi HD and 2 meshpoints. In my case, I would have wired Ethernet available to all 3 Amplifi HDs. Can the Amplifi HDs use this for backhaul, thus saving WiFi bandwidth for WiFi devices?

    2. Would I be better off with the traditional 1 Amplifi HD and two meshpoints? The Amplifi HD would be centrally located first floor. One meshpoint would be located through two drywall walls about 25 feet from the Amplifi HD, the other would be also through 2 drywall walls (about 25 the opposite direction) and one floor above.

    3. I presume I can use more than 2 meshpoints with an Amplifi HD. What are the ramifications of 3 or 4 meshpoints ?

    4. Are there differences in the meshpoints ? I have the opportunity to buy just two meshpoints that came with a "paired" system. Not the whole system. Can I use these with a newly purchased Amplifi HD ?

    Thanks for any insight you may be able to provide.

  • Hi @p-w - my advice would be to use just AmpliFi HD routers as mesh points if you have Ethernet available for wired backhaul.
    The reason being as you stated, AmpliFi does not use dedicated radios for wireless backhaul, so Ethernet saves bandwidth and provides a much better experience.

    1. Yes, you can have an installation of just HD's as mesh points & wired Ethernet backhaul is highly recommended.
    2. In my opinion, No.
    3. Wired backhaul = no ramifications // Wireless = you want to avoid 'hops' to the main router to avoid dividing the available bandwidth
    4. WARNING - Kits cannot be split up, so those 2 meshpoints will NOT work with a new HD router = DO NOT BUY THEM

    If cost is an issue, but you want to use wired Ethernet backhaul, you can use AmpliFi Instant routers also as mesh points.
    But Instants are only 2x2 MIMO instead of 3x3 MIMO, so they are only 2/3 the maximum speed of HD's.
    Instant routers also only have 1 LAN port available versus 4 extra LAN ports on the HD's if that matter.
    But in my opinion, a wired backhaul Instant is much better than an wireless HD MeshPoint if you are choosing between just those two options.
    Otherwise HD's are the way to go...

  • @p-w, @Derek-Saville said it perfectly!

  • Derek & Brett,

    Thank you very much for clearing that up for me.

    One more question please. If the meshpoints are "paired" to an HD, why are they sold separately ? Are the ones sold separately different ? If so, once I pair them with an HD, is it permanent ? Or can I reassign a meshpoint more than once.

    Thanks again for all the insight.

  • Hi @p-w - stand-alone HD MeshPoints, HD Routers and Instant Routers are free from any restrictions.
    You can unpair them any time, add them TO kits, and pretty much do anything you want without worry.

    Kits were meant to be easy installations with less steps, so they locked the pairing.
    Unfortunately they also provided the kits at a slight discount.
    So it is a constant source of complaint and confusion.

    If you have a kit it MUST be the main router of a mesh.
    And you can’t mesh another kit to a kit, or split the kits apart

  • @p-w To piggy back on what @Derek-Saville said in regards to the Kits being factory paired. If you ever needed to perform a factory reset on your network with a kit, you reset the main router and the mesh points reconfigure automatically. If you have a network full of stand alone device, you must manually reset each device and reconfigure each devices as well.

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