Multiple HD Mesh Routers with MeshPoints

  • I currently have a FiOS router that I'm about to replace. I also have an HD Mesh Router and 3 MeshPoints to provide Wi-Fi coverage throughout my house. I'm debating replacing the FiOS router with my existing HD or purchasing an additional HD and using that as the router going forward. So my questions are:

    1. If I buy a new HD to use with my existing HD and MeshPoints will there be any issue with everything talking to each other? One HD will be the router and the other HD will be a mesh point along with the existing 3 MeshPoints. Both HD routers will be connected via ethernet. I thought I saw somewhere that MeshPoints can't talk to multiple HD routers.

    2. Would replacing my FiOS router with my existing HD router and potentially adding another MeshPoint be a better solution? I'd have to move my HD router to a different location possibly requiring me to add the additional MeshPoint.

  • Hi @matt-garing - is your current HD router and 2 of the MeshPoints from a kit?

    Or are all of your current components stand-alone?

  • I purchased the HD and 2 MeshPoints in a kit and the third MeshPoint was purchased separately.

  • Hi @matt-garing - the HD Router from the kit MUST be the primary router of your mesh, that is a requirement.
    So you can't purchase a stand-alone HD, have that be your primary router, and then mesh the kit to it.
    You will need to take that into account.

    What I do not know is if your 2 kit HD MeshPoints, if they are installed too far away from the main router, will work through a second stand-alone HD router mesh point. Based on what you have described, I think you need @UBNT-Brett or @UBNT-Kevin to answer that question.

    Do you already have good WiFi coverage with your current setup that you are happy with?
    If so, you might be able to just replace the FiOS router with a switch, so you can leave everything in place and your current HD router can be reconfigured as the router? Or maybe I missed something in your description about relocating - sorry if that is the case.

  • @matt-garing If you were to purchase a stand alone HD router (AFI-R) you can add this to your existing setup no problem!
    However I recommend doing more research on the FiOS side, because to my knowledge you cannot remove their hardware and placing their devices in bridge mode is not always a sure thing.

  • Thanks everyone for the responses. I'm dropping cable and only going with FiOS internet. My understanding is that as long as I have ethernet coming out of the ONT then I can not use the FiOS router.

    I hadn't thought about using the switch and leaving everything the way it is. I already have a switch in place that I could just plug the ONT ethernet cable into.

  • @matt-garing said in Multiple HD Mesh Routers with MeshPoints:

    I already have a switch in place that I could just plug the ONT ethernet cable into

    Or, in case the switch causes an issue for any reason, just use a RJ-45 coupling if you already have Ethernet run where you need it...

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