Interference Issues/Multiple hidden networks

  • Experiencing slowness and network congestion errors with devices in our mesh network, other tools (wifi explorer, Apple's wireless connection utility) state it has to do with interference. Does support have any suggestions to improve the automatic channel selection? There are two routers and a mesh point, no ethernet backbone.


    • A DirecTV DVR that uses the 5Ghz band to communicate with remote cable boxes

    ** This channel changes, and i'm unaware of a way to keep it static

    • A Sonos network, which uses its own Sonosnet network on 2.4 ghz. i often change its channel so not to confilct with the 2.4ghz networks.

    I've attached wifi explorer results and the support info from the Android app to ticket 120365, which was closed likely due to confusion with another open ticket. What's surprising is the large amount of visible and hidden networks created by the mesh network. I have a separate SSID for the smarthome devices.

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