Amplifi Instant - So Many Questions

  • Excited about the Amplifi Instant, but have a few questions:

    • The LED status ring at the bottom of both devices. Can this be disabled (in case the mesh extender is located in a bedroom for example)?

    • Can you use an ethernet backhaul between the router and the mesh extender (I see an ethernet port on both, I'm hoping that is an option)?

    • What about performance 1G Fiber to the Home environments? I recognize that WiFi has it's limitations, but is the router fast enough to allow for a device (through a wired connection) to get close to 1GB/up/down performance? I'm an AT&T UVerse Fiber 1GB customer. I'm assuming I'd just use the DMZ+ feature to make Amplifi instant my primary router.


  • Hi @jack-miller - the brightness of the LED status ring can be adjusted manually in the app. You can also set nighttime hours for the LED ring and the display to turn off, for example when you are sleeping.

    My understanding is the Instant mesh extender in the kit cannot use Ethernet backhaul since it does not have the necessary WAN port.
    You need to purchase 2 Instant routers separately for about $20 more than the kit to have Ethernet backhaul.

    The Instant is 2x2 MIMO with a maximum 5 GHz WiFi speed of 867 Mbps if your clients can support that.

    Note that AmpliFi does not use dedicated backhaul radios, so connecting through a wireless mesh point will divide the bandwidth accordingly.
    For that reason I would recommend spending the extra $20 for wired Ethernet backhaul if you can utilize it.

    For comparison, the HD routers have 3x3 MIMO, higher antenna transmission power, 4 LAN ports, HW NAT and color LCD (if you care) hence their higher cost = +$50 to get 1 HD + 1 Instant versus 2 Instant routers.

  • @jack-miller One correction from @Derek-Saville's comment is that the mesh point that comes in that kit CAN use ethernet backhaul. The LAN port on the device switches when the Ethernet Backbone' feature is enabled in the app.

  • Hi @ubnt-brett - thank you for that clarification. I have only bought and installed stand alone Instant routers.

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