Why are different options exposed in web-portal and the mobile device application?

  • I was surprised to learn today that there are additional features available in the web-portal, which seem worth activating (e.g., 802.11K and V). Why aren't these exposed through the mobile device application? For something that's designed to be extremely easy to setup with a mobile device, seems odd to have two different setup locations with completely different options.

  • Hi @nick-transier - usually it seems because the app is developed separately from the firmware and updated much less frequently than the firmware.

    The web-portal lets the firmware guys put features in for testing without bothering or waiting on the application devs.

    Some advanced options that have not been fully vetted for general public use have also stayed in the web portal longer before being moved into the app - such as Hardware NAT, which was first in beta firmware + web, then in stable firmware + web, then in the general app...

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