Unhiding a hidden mesh point

  • I have my house set up with a mesh router kit (with two mesh points) and a second mesh router acting as a repeater. I accidentally hid one of the mesh points, and now cannot get it to register with the router, and as I cannot see it in the app, I can’t troubleshoot.

    How do I unhide it?


  • @simon-sacerdoti Hiding the mesh point removes it from your mesh network, so it cannot be unhidden. You will need to reset the mesh point and reconfigure. Use a paperclip and trigger the reset button on the left side of the power supply for ~10 seconds (you will hear a loud beep). Once its been reset you can add it to your mesh network again.

  • Thanks Brett. I’ve done that a bunch of times, but even when I do it with the mesh point plugged in right next to the router, it doesn’t find it. It just has the blue lights running out from the centre, for ever.

    I don’t think I can get into it to set it up because I bought them as a kit, and I understand that they come paired to the router.

    Any other suggestions?

  • @simon-sacerdoti Thats very odd.. The option to hide a mesh point from a kit should not be available from the app. In this situation you may have to reset your entire kit. Start with resetting both mesh point, then reset the main router. Using the same SSID and password will prevent you from needing to reconfiguring all devices on your network.

  • @ubnt-brett thank you. All good now!

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