Bug with Auto neg on USB LAN Device

  • Hello,

    i found a bug in auto neg or something with usb LAN Devices and Amplifi.
    When i use a USB 100Mbit/s device and put it in GBE Port on Amplifi, i get only 10 Mbit/s like 10BaseT.

    When i use it on the notebook directly, i get full speed. I tested it in some szenarios and i can rebuild the bug.

    Best regards

  • @andré-weller Have you tested this USB LAN device on other networks with the same computer to rule out the USB device or drivers causing this issue? Can you please generate support files after connecting the USB device and running a speed test, then connecting directly and running a speed test for comparison? This will help in identifying whats going on. When sending in the support files, please reference this community post.

  • Hello Brett,

    yes i've tested it with this USB LAN Device and my Internet connection and get round about 98 Mbit/s.
    With the Amplifi i get only 10 Mbit/s. Sometimes 12 Mbit/s on the same Internet connection. I tested with Bridge Mode and Router Mode.

    What do you mean with Support files? Only Screenshots or something?

    Best regards,

  • @andré-weller Launch the application>tap on the router icon>Select Support Info. This will prompt to send support an email with your support files attached for us to review.

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