UK/International Customers are Second Rate citizens?

  • I have a AFi-R and love it. It took forever to reach the UK but when it did I was very impressed.

    I'd like an Amplifi Instant to extend my network and I'd like to get the kit for my parents-in-law. Trouble is I can't.

    The Amplifi Teleport is still not available in the UK despite being out almost a year, the Amplifi Instant isn't available despite being out several months and the Amplifi Gamers Edition isn't available either. This is all despite the fact that the products are all considerably more expensive over here, the $340 Amplifi Kit is £348 ($445).

    Please stop treating your International customers like second rate citizens, especially when you're charging them a lot more for the privilege!

  • @daniel-james-white Short answer: YES! 🌎

  • @Daniel-James-White Sorry to hear that you feel this way. Our distributors in the UK and the EU do provide the AmpliFi instant and the Gamers Edition is currently under development for use internationally. You can find a list of distributors here: Keep in mind that not all of the distributors in the UK sell AmpliFi equipment so you will have to look into each one to see if they do.

    As for our Teleport, sadly it is only available for customers in the US and Canada.

    We do apologize for any inconvenience caused, we care for the input of all Ubiquiti customers.

  • You wanna be prioritized in support and likewise.
    purchase a few shares in Ubiquiti Networks (UBNT) listed on Nasdaq and put a Memphis Grizzlies avatar on your user profile and point out your a shareholder in UBNT and a private weed-buddy with Ubiquiti Networks UBNT founder Rober Pera when you're reaching out to support, then you will be prioritized like your the freaking pope and get free-bees like there is no tomorrow. (I got their whole product portfolio for free' down to that approach)

    Otherwise, open a YT-channel and contact UBNT and state that you will use your Youtube-channel to shill-hump their product to the moon and back.. as almost every so-called "review" out there are gifted' so that approach will likely also get you what you want' not least the new Gamers edition with exclusive fast shipping to Europe.

    But there is one thing you cant, and here it doesn't matter how big you are in UBNT stock shares or YT fame, and that is to get a clear answer if that freaking USB2.0 port will be user-data-active or not here almost 2½ year down the road' as many official sale-vendors of Ubiquiti Networks list it as a USB2.0 feature for numerous USB-data-peripherals in there sales materiel for Afi-R.
    Also pretty difficult to get a clear answer' if they will or even can implement MU-MINO thrue updates in the already present revisions of AFi-R that seem to be based in a Qualcomm chip who in fact can manage it .(to sum up straight answers)
    Maybe it's down to some private third-party UBNT ambassador fronting as more in the loop then what is actually the case.

  • @jakob-schmidt-rasmussen Years ago I worked for a major computer manufacturer/vendor as a technical support and eventually at a managerial level. I was often asked these type of questions. Most of the time I REALLY did not know about the future directions of a product. If by chance I did know and divulged that info before corporate said I could, I WOULD HAVE LOST MY JOB!

    There are legitimate competitive reasons this type of info cannot be divulged. There are proper channels to learn this info but they are generally limited to certain resellers and the like who are generally prohibited by Non Disclosure Agreements from letting this information out. If they do there are often legal and business continuation consequences for doing so.

    I too would like to know some of the future product directions that I see repeatedly ask for in posts, but having worked for a vendor I understand why I cannot be told before the info is made public.

  • @UBNT-Kevin

    Our distributors in the UK and the EU do provide the AmpliFi instant

    Keep in mind that not all of the distributors in the UK sell AmpliFi equipment so you will have to look into each one to see if they do.

    NEITHER of the only 2 UK Distributors have them. doesn't even list them as a product and LinITX just says "Awaiting Stock".

    So really you should conduct your own research before stating something that is categorically not true. You've even linked to the wrong distributor page! Amplifi seems to have it's own here: which clearly specifies only LinITX and

    As for our Teleport, sadly it is only available for customers in the US and Canada.

    Yes, I know it is. But why? There is no reason for this limitation to be in place other than making a model with EU/UK plugs. Why you haven't made it with interchangeable plugs in the first place is beyond me.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @daniel-james-white Seems like the product isn't terribly popular in the UK and they are trying to change strategies on how to improve that. Sadly, seems like this is a "lull" in that transition that is very inconvenient for those who want to purchase the product. With luck, B&M stores will have the product very soon.

    I'm not with UBNT, just offering an outside opinion. This is one fairly common strategy to improve adoption: exclusive retailers/distributors who can help promote the product. I hate when products I want have such restrictions but it's a system that works when a product needs help with adoption and, sadly, that probably describes AmpliFi in the UK at this time.

    EDIT: Don't believe me? Go get a job in marketing for HTC and see how it goes. 😉

  • @shane-milton

    How can UBNT know whether Teleport is popular in the UK or not if it's not offered for sale in the UK?


  • @nigel-steward Total speculation here but if I were them, I'd have metrics on what percentage of AmpliFi HD owners also purchased a Teleport in addition to what percentage of AmpliFi HD owners came to the ecosystem strictly because of the Teleport. Let's use some made-up numbers here.

    Let's say in the US, they have sold 1,000,000 AmpliFi HD systems with 500,000 Teleport users. Let's also say 100,000 of those Teleport users bought in only because of the Teleport unit itself and not the rest of the AmpliFi system.

    Now let's say Australia has the same ratios with 500,000 AmpliFi HD systems sold to 250,000 Teleport users, 50,000 of which bought in because of the Teleport itself.

    Those two sets of metrics are consistent and can help them understand what to expect in other countries. Even if the Teleport were US-only right now, it's still useful in trying to predict other countries. So if they had only sold 9,000 AmpliFi HD units in the UK and nothing else, that tells them that they'd probably only have had sold 4,500 Teleport units. If they were to offer it via traditional channels, then those metrics would suggest that offering the Teleport would then bring those numbers up to 10,000 AmpliFi HD units and 5,000 Teleport units. Which would tell them that they need to change strategies before they even offer the Teleport.

    I'm not saying these numbers are realistic or that this is even the problem. I'm just answering your question:

    How can UBNT know whether Teleport is popular in the UK or not if it's not offered for sale in the UK?

    There are many other market research methods to know this as well, all of which I'm sure Ubiquiti has more sophistication in than even I know about.

  • Teleport is not available in Australia yet.

  • It seems to me that the thing that is holding it back is the design of the teleport itself. If it didn't have a built in US plug, surely it would be much easier to adjust for international markets. Even a slide in / out plug adapter a bit like on some apple chargers would make localisation much easier.

    I'd have thought the easiest would be something more like the Amplifi Instant.

    In fact, wouldn't it be great if Amplifi Instant could work as a Teleport if you pack it up and take it away with you? It would mean you could use the Instant as a mesh point at home and pack it up and take it away to work as a Teleport. It would mean you don't have a bit of kit sitting around doing nothing most of the time which surely most teleports do.

  • @robin-phillips I hope they would adjust all the units to have the slide plugs so that means it can be used universally, I agree with you completely on this matter.

    Perhaps a generation two plugin as well as a pairing key stored on a USB drive that would allow for re paring when away from the
    Paired router if something goes wrong.

  • @shane-milton if you make it hard to buy the products then no wonder a product is less popular. I still wonder why we can't simply buy on the store as an option. These days they could use amazon or any other platform to handle shipping.

  • @benoit-chesneau there is the matter of consumer Law and taxes with each country, also the differences in power adaptors and some countries use 220 others 240, generally it has to be localised.

  • sure but power adaptator can be made switchable. otherwise most of the hardware teleport can work in any county. Anyway it's more about mztketing than anything imo 🙂

  • I wasn't aware the AmpliFi range even existed until I came across it on Ubiquiti's website quite by accident when looking at an EdgeRouter. None of my friends in the tech industry were aware the range existed either (UK), so I'd say it's fairly safe to say it's pretty unknown here (all of them had either heard of, or used Ubiquiti gear though). The AmplFi kit is also on the higher end of the pricing scale for Mesh network solutions here, which probably doesn't help either.

    I'm glad I did come across it, the AmplFi Instant Mesh System I bought was perfect for solving the WiFi problems I had in my flat (plus I somehow ended up with an Instant Mesh System for the price most places charge for just the Instant Router - I'm wondering if it was actually a pricing error but they decided to process my order anyway, as the seller I ordered from is now listing it at almost twice what I paid for it.)

  • Believe you me if this Teleport thing comes to the UK, then it will be shreaded to pieces (which might actually help improve its functionality and performance like in the case of Amazon smart products). I have bought one from the US and it has been such an over-rated and expensive piece of kit that I will never ever believe a single youtube review from now on.

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