Amplifi and Pixel 3xl problems

  • Can't figure out exactly why it's this specific configuration, but me and another user with the same setup are having the exact same issues. Poor wifi performance when using a Pixel 3xl phone connected to an Amplifi. Upload speeds are around 3up through the amplifi (normally 20ish), and it has issues uploading pictures or downloading certain webpages.

    • Other devices work fine on the Amplifi and can bring everything up, speeds are good

    • Using a different router on the same network with the same configuration work fine with the Pixel, everything comes up, speeds are good

    • Using a 3rd party VPN works fine, everything comes up, speeds are good

    • Phone, router, and phone network settings have all been reset

    Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

  • I have a Pixel 3XL and hasn't experienced any issues.

  • Thanks for posting your experience. What do you get on a speedtest over wifi on your Pixel 3XL?

  • Speed test examples:
    Running on
    Over wifi:
    Ping - 35ms
    Jitter - 47ms
    Download - 46.9Mbps
    Upload - 0.4Mbps

    Over wifi through a 3rd party VPN:
    Ping - 37ms
    Jitter - 23ms
    Download - 45.9Mbps
    Upload - 11.6Mbps

    Can't attribute this to ISP throttling though, because switching routers also allows full speed. It's only through the Amplifi that the issue occurs.

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