My AmpliFi Mesh is up! and I'm loving it.

  • After testing my new home network for a couple of days, I'm loving AmpliFi.

    Some background first. I'm a CCNA network tech and have been working with several small businesses with their networks and manage a couple of UniFi-based corporate LANs.

    I finally replaced my trusty 6th. gen AirPort Extreme for a couple of AmpliFi AFi-R routers. I chose this setup because it allowed a more flexible positioning of the mesh point, and because I also needed some ethernet connections.

    Our house has two floors, built with concrete and brick walls so Wi-Fi has always been kind of difficult. The router is on the second floor, and the single AirPort Extreme we we're using was just OK, coverage on the first floor was spotty, most of the times we'd only get about half our internet speed (100 down/5 up). We have around 20 wireless devices, ranging from MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and Apple TVs to Smart TVs, printers and cable tv boxes.

    Prior to replacing the AE I took some speed test around the house:

    Second floor (router is here): 90-100 / 5 Mbps
    Living Room (directly below the router): 60-65 / 5 Mbps
    Dining Room (next to the living room): 40-50 / 5 Mbps
    Kitchen (next to the dining room): 5-10 / 5 Mbps
    Backyard: 2-0 / 1 Mbps

    After setting up AmpliFi:

    Second floor (router is here): 100 / 5 Mbps
    Living Room (directly below the router, mesh point is here): 90-100 / 5 Mbps
    Dining Room (next to the living room): 90-100 / 5 Mbps
    Kitchen (next to the dining room): 80-90 / 5Mbps
    Backyard: 30-40 / 5 Mbps

    As you can see the difference is very dramatic and noticeable. On top of the speed increase, I notice a much lower latency, no connections drops and overall better responsiveness. Most of my devices are now connecting to the 5 GHz network more consistently and get full signal strength and speeds.

    In the kitchen I don't get the full 100 down but I believe it's because the refrigerator and microwave oven are in the way. The same goes for the backyard, there's a metal frame and a metallic mesh screen-door that really affects radio signals. If I open the screen door, I can get around 60-70 Mbps in the backyard.

    Overall I'm very impressed on how it is performing and how easy it was to set up. I do have a couple minor requests, such as QoS for ethernet devices and the fact that devices connected via ethernet to the mesh point do not show up on the app at all.

  • @guillermo-avalos awesome! thank you so much for sharing. I will take the requests you had and add them to our feature request list. Glad to have you on the community!

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