AmpliFi HD Gamers Edition w/ AmpliFi HD

  • I've been using the AmpliFi HD for the past year (2 Routers backhauled w/ 2 Mesh Points). Just got the Gamers Edition and I'll be setting it up as my main kit.

    Question: Can I have the Gamers Edition as my main router and then use my 2 AmpliFi HD router units (white) as mesh points via backhaul or even wireless?

    If I do this will these devices run a different firmware version or be incompatible with the extra features of the Gamers Edition? I'd prefer to not slow things down with different hardware if they don't match so any input is appreciated.

  • @Rick-Daino-0 Thanks for reaching out to us on the community. To answer your questions, yes you can add in our HD routers or mesh points to the gaming router as long as those units did not come from a kit.

    The firmware is the same for both the HD and the gamer edition, so as long as the units are up to date there will be no compatibility issues. The app has special features for the gamers edition but it will not interfere with your HD routers.

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